Leading Non ferrouse Metals Manufacturer In China

Evaporation Filaments

Filaments for Vacuum Metallizing


Horizontal Helix

Z-Coil. Open or Closed Bottom

Z-Coil with Horizontal legs, also Crucible Heater

 Double Helix, can be tapered

Vertical Helix


Vertical Conical Basket

Conical Basket, V-Style legs

 Conical Basket, Z-Style legs

Conical Basket, Horizontal legs


Cylindrical Basket, V-Style legs


Cylindrical Basket, Z-Style legs

Cylindrical Basket, Horizontal legs


Open Helix


Closed Helix

Flat U Loop

 Flat O Loop

 Spiral Crucible Heater


Overwrapped Tungsten Rod

(Tungsten rod overwrapped with fine tungsten wire in honeycomb fashion)